Please contact our office through telephone, fax, mail, or by a personal visit to establish your new account. To receive Dream World credit terms, 15 or 30 days, you must receive prior office approval.
All new account applicants must provide all the following documentations to be eligible for an account at Dream World INC.
1. A copy of a valid Driver’s License.
2. A copy of owner’s Social Security card.
3. Copy of a voided Business check.
4. A copy of State Tax ID (Business Certificate).
5. A filled out New Account Application Form.
6. Proof of Resale establishment – prohibited user purchase by the law (EX: Beauty Salon, Barber shop)
To be eligible for free freight, the order minimum are as follows.
1. SHIP VIA UPS: $300.00
2. SHIP VIA TRUCKING : $1,350.00
1. UPS $10.50
2. TRUCKING $17.00
Use 30 days term or C.O.D., On C.O.D. shipments (truck and UPS), we accept: Check, Money Order Cashier’s Check (certified check) No Cash!!! Note: All accounts are considered C.O.D., unless credit is previously granted. For customer credit of 15 or 30 days, must obtain Dream World office approval beforehand. There is a mandatory fee on all C.O.D. UPS and trucking orders.
Any returned check involves $25.00 service charge.
Office approval and product invoices are required.
Must be made within 3 days of delivery, please notify customer service immediately upon receipt.
If customers do not pick-up orders within 1 month of placement, or cancel their trucking order after items have been picked, ordered items will be automatically restocked and the customer will be charged a penalty of 20% of the order amount. All future orders will be pending until the restock fee is cleared.
If payment is not made in accordance with credit terms, Dream World Inc., will pursue it own legal action towards collecting the unpaid balance at whatever the cost may be. You will be responsible for all legal fees.
We reserve the right to limit order quantities.
Dream World Inc. shall not be deemed responsible nor held liable for any damages or claims for injuries, whether intentional or accidental, relating to the misuse of any products.
There are no warranties, express or implied, of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or otherwise, which extend beyond the manufacturers description on the label of each product.
Through commercial truck carries. (All the products are shrink-wrapped, then trucked out to its destination.) Through U.P.S., air or ground service. (This service is recommended if the order is small in terms of the weight. The cost of shipping and handling will be added to the invoice.) We also offer local delivery service with our own trucks & vans.