About Us

Dream World specializes in Du-Rags, Stocking Caps, Hair & Wig Nets, Barber Capes, Salon Wears, Electricals, Fashion Items, Salon Tools, Combs & Piks, Dye Products, Nail Tools, Cosmetic Tools, Hair Rollers & Rods, Clips & Pins, Salon Products,  General Merchandise, Fashion Caps, Cosmetics and Hair Accessories.

Dream World is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hair caps, styling tools, personal care tools, salon wear and accessories for men and women. Dream World provides consumers with the best professional salon quality products at a competitive price.

Since 1996, Dream World has enjoyed an enviable reputation as one of the best companies to do business with in the professional beauty supply industry. Dream World is a family-owned company, one of the very few in the professional beauty supply industry.

For a company to continue to grow and prosper for 20+ years, it takes more than offering great products. It takes strong, ongoing relationships with customers and vendors. Throughout Dream World’s history, strong family leadership and corporate values of honesty, fair business practices and excellent service have guided Dream World’s growth in the professional beauty supply industry.